3 A.M. Regrets, Poem (48/365)

It’s 3 am

why I am up

3 am

where decisions

are bred

good or bad


the best of nights

the worst of nights

it’s great

it’s silent

it’s loud

it’s quite

it’s crazy

At this time

I’m drunk

on drowsiness

muttering why

why am I up so late

why do nights like these

have to end

I seem to have less regrets

When It’s 3 am

Because I’m always up with a purpose

or I would have slept

I’m to tired to be scared

and I’m fearless

So I usually say what’s in my heart

To sleepy to exhort energy on  useless things

everything is exact

every step counted

The air is different

The light is different

I’m Different

3am me sometimes

regrets staying awake

but never regrets living

the beauty about 3am

is everything becomes primal

everything becomes instincts

I am no longer thinking about you

Or what I needed to do

Or who I need to become

I am just focused on the task

and getting back to bed

And when it’s 3 am

Doubts, failures, and inner demons

are no where to be found

like people on a city blocks

and the street stops

empty, and tranquil

when it’s 3 am





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