Cleaning, Poem and Stop Motion Trial (43/365)


cleaning out the fragment you left behind

cleaning the fragments of failure

cleaning the webs of lies

I scrub and I scrub

so that I can be unstoppable

I need to clean

so that there will be room

for trophies

for love 

and for hope

because all this other stuff

is just suffocating

So give me a broom

and I will be victorious

Today I decided to test out this stop motion app on my ipad, and I decided to do it when I was cleaning my room. The test went okay. I didn’t storyboard or pre-plan a big no-no in stop motion so it not very smooth or consistent. But it was fun to make a stop motion today very impromptu.    And randomly I thought I should wear googles with my glasses in the video so I look sorta of weird lol. Check it out or don’t. I call the video My Room Cleans Itself.


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