The Whole Story, Poem (38/365)

We are never privy

to whole story

The whole story

is engaging, funny,

smart, sad, heartbreaking,

and boring

We will never know the whole story

He can try to explain it

but you’ll only understand slivers

he maybe over sensitive

you’ll remark

but if you lived the same

you might be too

I can’t understand

why the woman

who named her dog “Chewy”

doesn’t understand

why he won’t stop chewing

 the grass at the Park

Which to me seems only so self fulfilling

And I can’t understand why

these dog owners choose to stroll

on the line specifically designed for runners

when the rest of the park is completely theres

and I think about homeless man

that I watch everyday

who sits at the top of the mountain

what’s his story

or the man who sleeps in the park

I have not determined what he does

he sleeps next to his bike

and I can’t help wonder what’s the sliver

that lead to this

as soon as night falls

he jumps on his bike and rides away

and I wonder if he lost his job

and he sits in the park to occupy time

maybe he hasn’t told his family

so he sits till he can think of better

but I am grateful for him

regardless of what happened

because one night,

I felt scared to walk slash jog back

I could tell you the whole story,

about the treatment of  woman, blacks, and latinos,

about coming from suburbia

about what happens to kids like me on nights like this

about fear

And I could try to explain what’s it like

to be me

and tell you the whole story,

but it’s a long, sad,

boring, heartbreaking,

smart, hopeful, happy  story

or what I can tell you

is a sliver about

a man on a bike

who unknowingly made

me feel






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