Attempts at Flight, Poem/Photos (37/365)

I have not left my house in a while so today I went to Malibu, and took some shots. I have not picked up my camera in a really long time. So it was quite refreshing to get back on the pony lol.

Today I saw man attempt to fly

And he tried and he tried

to get his red parachute off the ground

And I never doubted him

My question was not of the ability

but rather the destination

Where would he go

Because this is a park

A small one at best

Surrounded by infrastructure

traffic that way

fences that way

parking that way

and houses that way

but through the houses

is an ocean

But where will he go

my mind wondered

He will surly hit a tree

or fence

and watched him attempt

to fly

but where will he land

is only about 100 feet

an estimate I made because  i’m 5 foot

and believe from one end to other end

you could fit  20 of me

large for the city

but not grounds for flying

and I day dreamed that

maybe just maybe

he would be picked up

by wind, and he’s parachute

would fly him over mountains

made of light rays

Till he reached Catalina


He kept attempting to fly

But there wasn’t much wind

and I watched him until sunset

till he packed up

till the sky turned purple

and one day soon

it will no longer be attempt

he will fly

and I doubt I will see it

But I will wonder about

where he landed

IMG_0395 IMG_0405 IMG_0406

I took this Upside down and I think it should stay that way

I took this Upside down and I think it should stay that way

IMG_0428 IMG_0449 IMG_0455 IMG_0457 IMG_0460 IMG_0463 IMG_0476 IMG_0487 IMG_0491





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