The Facts We Avoided, Poem (35/365)

Did you know

that your body

is 75 percent water

Did you know

some teen

after two brain injuries became

a musical prodigy

Did you know

that you can live without

food for 2 weeks

Did you know we avoided

talking about anything of substance

for the last 3 months

We only discussed the facts of others

because we are to scared

to face the facts we avoided

And when we argued this morning

over sport teams

it got heated

and it had nothing to do with football

or end zones

or touch downs

or signing bonuses

And I apologize because

I am just as much responsible

Because These Factoids

Are Droids of denial

Did you know

you are 100 percent

more likely to point out flaws in others

then you would in your self


Fact 182

But I’m not ready yet

to discuss are facts


did you know

that it has been proven

it comes to vision

that age

is not a factor


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