The Anatomy of A Winner, Poem (33/365)

I have been defeated

and I have lost

but I have kept it a secret

I will not tell my body

And I will not tell my heart

And I will not tell my lungs

that I have been defeated

I don’t want failure in my blood stream

I don’t want loss to become like oxygen

moving through veins

spreading to parts

contaminating my heart

No I will reject this defeat

I don’t want my lungs to grow weak

or frail, or sad

and be heavy with each and every breath

about nothing that they can not control

And I have not communicated to my eyes

why I gave them the order to cry

I told them to blame it on a system malfunction

I have not told my hands or legs

because I don’t want them to stop

I don’t want them to hesitate

I don’t want them to rethink their duty

I want my vessel pure

And if I bleed

I want bleed victory

So I will not let my body be overtaken

by these undoings

No traces of ruins in my bones

No never

And I won’t

And I can’t

So please don’t tell my body

That I have been momentarily defeated

or I will tell my ears not to work

And I tell my brain not to compute it

And I will blame it on hearing error

I have been telling my soul

a little white lie

That I am always a winner

Always champion

Always conquer

Always victor

And loss can not be found in me

A little white lie, will hold me over

Till I can make it reality

become what my body

and my heart

and my lungs

know to be true

That I have succeed




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