He’s Alive, Poem (32/365)

His heart pumps

I found you alive

Gossip Spreads

and I thought you dead

I thought you cold

I looked for you

I searched for you

I asked for you

But zero results

Here with a red cup

In your hand


I find you alive

And I want to tell the others

But I think you shall be my secret

I deep inhale you

You’re wonderful

You exude things

I never knew you could

You’re braver than the person I left

or the person who followed

I wonder if you ever

looked for me

Because I may be a hard person to find

I changed my name

and moved a few times

But I feel like you didn’t

because my number is the same

And if you needed me

you could have called me

And I look at you

like a mother

who just laid eyes

on her baby for the first time

you look so happy

I don’t approach

I wanted to tell her

I found you

And have named you exquisite

But I want you to be my secret

I want you to be my New Years Resolution

You always felt like I was

too good for you

But now I feel like

you’re too good for me

Your being has morphed,

Your face is altered,

You have relinquished everything

that made you once iconic

still you are luminous

but I still recognize you

And I didn’t realize

How dead I was

but seeing you

makes me want to be better

look better

smell better

be floating on air

because I am so cool

I want to say 10 dollar words

and dress like an alternative punk chick

I want to wear vintage dresses

and have my hair like a female fatale

So I can be a part of your world

I want to make you proud

I want to make your heart stop

I want to be everything

I want sleepless nights

I want early mornings

I want to impress you

like you have impressed me

And that way when you

see me you will say

She’s alive!


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