Tell Me I’m Pretty, Poem (29/365)

A Young couple drives an old red pick-up

the woman is driving

She’s unsure of where she’s going

And instead of asking for directions,

She pull over to the nearest gas station

And asks for you to please tell her she’s Pretty

She’s Lost, but I never said She’s was logical

She knows she can do this, she know this,

But she needs you to tell her she’s pretty

As that is the only bit of information that will move her

Even though it’s not related to the task at hand

She feels like she’s drowning

She’s never drove cross country to follow a dream before

And she’s sinking in unknown air

What she really wants

is for you to predict the future

and let her know that everything will work out

But your not a fortune reader

and she would never ask you

All she wants is for you to remind her

of the only fact she can rest her head on

But right now you feel unmovable,

You knew what she meant

You’re scared that she won’t reach it

You use to know for sure

But as the miles go so does your confidence

down like the gas

And she needs you to tell her she’s pretty,

And then she will know that everything will be fine

So he bucked up,

And He told her she was pretty,

She turned the key,

and the car kept on



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