Hashtag Grounded, Poem (28/365)

My Father is a teenage girl,

As he stares at his smart phone giggling

He discovered Text tuesday,

which is a gateway drug to emoticons

which is a gateway drug to snap-chat

which is a gateway drug to the rest of internet

and the iphone is now like a bruise on his hand ,

Wednesday he surpassed me

with 5000 Facebook friends

And when I asked him what he was looking at

on reddit he said none of your business

and I am deeply concerned for his sanity

I requested we have a family picnic

and he requested that I play Candy crush

I said you some  oxygen

He says he has twitter

Which is a breath of fresh air

On Thursday he discovered instagram

and he started talking selfies

Filter me perplexed

I asked at dinner how did is day go


and after he took a picture of his food

he send me back a text

that read G Number 8

that’s great for all of you

who don’t understand robotics

Dads theses days

And on Friday

Ten thousand duck faces later

after seeing him not look up

from his phone

I did the impossible,

I grabbed and I smashed

And I banged on the floor

And Yelled at him saying 140 Characters will not do

I need words not likes for a distance

I need leadership not followers

and I guess he listened

Because this is how I got

Hashtag Grounded




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