Butt Dials From Ex-Lovers, Poem (25/265)

Your Butt won’t stop calling me ,

I tried to call you to tell you that

Your rump, your buttocks, your bottom

has been calling me 3 times a day,


And while I have tried to ignore your calls,

it always results

in me listening

because it might be important

God sometimes I pray for any thing but a butt dial,

that’s the lowest form of accidental calling there is,

Sometimes I hope and wish

that you are calling me on purpose

Maybe your drunk and crying,

Maybe you just want to hang out,

see that’s a booty call I can get with,

And while you made yourself clear,

That you no longer think of me,

in your brain

or in your heart,

or in your soul


just maybe

your Butt still remembers me ,

See I believe Your Behind,

and is secretly hoping to reunite us,

one dial at a time,

So please tell your backside,

what the frontside already knows,

that were over,

I know it’s hard for your tush to understand,

because it can’t handle forward,

when it’s always looking back,

And it’s sad when you leave good things,

Your Derriere is a hopeless romantic,

Your Derriere is optimist,

Your Derriere is match maker,

that why it keeps calling

because every time

all I can hear is you,

and your footsteps,

and your breathing,

and the vague mumbles of you doing life,

and so your Butt makes my ears listen,

so my Heart can’t forget you,

Because I feel like I’m always with you

because your Butt won’t stop calling me,

your gluteus maximus, your booty, your rear end

What ever you want to call it,

So either listen to your heinie,

or please delete my number from your cell phone,

Because I never want be

Ex-lover’s thoughtless Butt Dial



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