Ghost seeks Ghost for Spacious three bedroom, Poem (21/365)

Ghost seeks other Ghost

for spacious three bedroom

two bathroom apartment

in Rock Springs, Wyoming

Apartment is shared

with 3 non-ghosts

all who act dead

And have lost all ambition

Cost for living in the house

is please wreck havoc

and let’s give them a reason

for breathing

because they don’t value there lives

and we need to make them follow there dreams again

Ghost must love dogs

If you a Cat Person Please don’t apply

Please be non-courteous

Last two ghost who lived here

were way to accommodating

I’m not looking to live with casper

it’s better if you don’t respect personal space

please go through walls all night long

shoot even go in the bathroom while there in there

creativity is plus

Please be loud

wind noises preferable,

but if thunder that is expectable too

Please have the ability to levitate

things 25 pounds or more

i have noticed that these people don’t

pay attention

I swear life would pass them by

do ransack the fridge

if you can do creepy stuff

with food all the better

About me

I use to be a motivational speaker

and I prefer ghosts that have lighter spirits

neighborhood is in a great area

grave yard 2 miles away

also apartment resides on ancient buriel ground

so there is a very supportive residential community

looking for responsible scarier to share in duties

utilities, cable, and wifi are included

serious inquires please apply

PLEASE Have a craving for life

NO Zommbies, or dead living people






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