My Symptoms, Poem (20/365)

Today I just wanted to make something fun. I have always been a fan of rappers writing bragging rap verses (ie I’m the best), so for today’s poem I decided to try my hand at one:

Title: My Symptoms

Googling Web MD

And I think I have just figured out

I’m Healthy because

Here’s a list of all my symptoms

I’m totally sick of negative thinking

I’m sick of whining with nothing to do

My ear aches from talking about you

I been hacking up smile faces

I have this huge rash of optimistism

I can show it to you

it looks like a whole lot like sunshine and rainbows 

I have been sneezing out “thank you’s” and ‘I love you’s”

And I have not stopped hiccuping gratitude prayers since last tuesday

because I realized that I’m no longer the person I was,

I’m vomiting out confidence

and it’s going all over the place,

I no longer can contain it

And I’m having difficulty swallowing any negative energy

And My body aches from all of the hugs

And if I pull away to fast

I get sever dizziness

from where all the love is coming from

In the morning I’m too fatigued for self doubt

I feel this strange tingling in heart

As I know I’m on purpose

And i’m itching to build a legacy

And I have shortness of breath because  running to make it happen

My skin has this weird discoloration because it glows white light

And I’m bleeding inspiration

The government came yesterday  because

they believed I was

contaminating the world with my smile


will be in by the end of the week

And I’m secretly hoping

I’m contagious

And it’s spreads like wild fire













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