The mental battle running, poem (19/365)

My heart beats
There just 42 more steps
Till I reach it
My body is little sore
My legs are heavy
My breath is short
There are just 36 more steps
But my mind is weak
My legs feel uncomfortable
But I have to remind myself
I want this
There are 24 more steps
And my body is in debate
They got 23 reasons to stop
and it’s not looking good
But my will power vetos it all
I want this
And sometimes we must fight
There are 16 steps left
And all I can think of
is how the 3000 steps before
were so much easier
I deserve to walk now
My mind plants that but
I want this
So I truck on
4 more steps
3 times saying to myself
You’re there, almost there
Stop living in here, and get there
2 more seconds
1 foot finally lands
I have made it
To the promise land



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