I Wonder if Birds, Poem (Bonus)

I wonder if birds are scared
Before they learn to fly
If they watch others with wing envy
Will I ever be that good at flying
Will I ever touch the sky
I wonder if birds
Over think jumping from heights
wondering if anyone will catch them
Or if they think better not try
I wonder if they’re afraid
That their wings won’t hold them
I wonder if they ask themselves
If they where made for flying
Or if they go on some internal life crisis
And go on the bird equivalent of Web MD
And think perhaps
They were missed categorized
Maybe I’m a penguin, or ostrich
I wonder if birds
Contemplate how much ground work they done
And how many hours of prep are needed
Do they visualize their flight
Are they afraid of all the stuff they could hit
I wonder what happens the day
The inevitable occurs
And they’re pushed, or shoved, or peer pressured
I wonder if in that moment
Just after beginning to flap
If they ever look back
And wonder
Why was I so afraid
To soar


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