New Things/Don’t Throw Away Those Pennies, 2 Poems (17/365)

Poem 1: New Things
When I meet you
you where like nobody I had ever met
And after knowing you
I realized you where just like everybody I had ever met
It’s not that you changed
Its just that you hid it so well
Like not so many do
You were flawless
You were smart
You were fearless
And I knew better
I knew that people don’t belong
on pedastals
We make then
we don’t sit on them
But you came
And I do get giddy over sparkles

And I do get giddy over new things

And I do get giddy over new people

And as many times as I swore
I would be different
I failed
You were flawed, dumb, and scared
But in the end
Aren’t we all just a crazy mixture of it all
When you first met me
You swore you never met anyone like me
But in the end
You swore you never wanted to meet some like me ever again
We aren’t bad guys
We had expectations
We live we grow
We promise not to be taken at first glance
We lie to ourselves
We do it again
Til we find the next new thing
And when it becomes not new thing
We leave in search of a never ending light
The cycle continues
But as I know nothing keeps going forever
People need sleep
Plants need water
Electronics need power
But perhaps the secret is finding what stays
At first
You were like no body I ever met
Then after knowing you
You were like everybody I have ever loved
And if I look hard enough
Just hard enough
I can see that glimmer

Poem 2: Pennies
Don’t throw away those pennies
Don’t leave them
on the streets abandoned
Don’t look down
at Abraham the next time you get a fist full
Pennies grow
They collect
Like pieces of sand
And soon you have millions
So please don’t
Throw away those pennies



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