Marco Polo Reflects, Poem (14/365)

Title : Marco Polo Reflects


I set sail

and I promised myself

no more crying

no more crying

no more crying

until I strike gold

then only then

Happy tears

But as I enter this boat

I am unsure of where

the hell I am going

I told the Queen I could

And I really thought I could

I really do hear something in me

Telling me you’ll make it to india

But what if I fail

if the voice was nonsense

I hugged my mom and dad

Noogied my brother

And wished to take them with me

Days 30 on the sea

I miss it

I miss them

I miss home

and I question my sanity

what if we never go anywhere

what about pirates

Maybe I should have been

a Map maker

 a Map maker

I would have been the best map maker


But I tell myself

don’t go there

don’t go in dark alleys

in which muggers and robbers of self doubt

can beat a man

and leave him whimpering about

I am the captain

and cannot crumble

I promised myself

No more crying

No more crying

No more crying

I miss my mates

and all the ale we would partake

But I will see them again

for which I am sure

my clock

ticks and ticks and ticks

waiting does nothing good for the heart

today we found it

we found it

we found something even better

I cry as I am no longer questioning

I was born for the this life

Months I sailed left only with my thoughts

And Today

I Anchor My Boat

And I promised myself

that I would believe in me

 Marco Polo,

And I cried

And I cried

And I cried

Because I realized that no matter

How many times

I doubted

I just pushed on through,

I was a boat on emotional sea for months

and today i am Anchored

Today I’m Anchored

Today I’m Anchored

And feels so good

to be steady


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