Weight Scales for Two, A Dark Comedic Short Story (13/365)

Their stomach growled together.

Oh how romantic, even their organs were in sync saying I love you and I love you too.

They both hadn’t eat anything in 3 hours, not because they were broke, not because they were lazy, but by choice. Any outsider would have thought they where crazy, but no not them. They were committed. Dona was Model with a photo shoot, and Dan was a professional fighter with a fight the next day. Dan weighted on any normal day 155, but fought professional at the weight of 145.  In both there worlds it was not uncommon to cut weight.  Weight Cutting is not to be confused weight loss those are two different things, weight loss is the idea of keeping the weight off for good or an extended period of time. Weight Cutting is the idea trying to purge your body certain amount  of water weight for a brief period of time usually a day. After the event finished you  try to recoup what you have lost. Weight cutting is a phenomenon that happens mostly in Boxers, Fighters,  and Fitness Models.  Dona and Dan both would have told you weight cutting is no joke.

They both had plans. Dan would have to sweat it all out. He  would not take in anything for the next day no food, no  water till he reached the official fighting scale. And once he left the scale Dona would be there with a huge burger in hand with the largest banana-strawberry smoothie. He visualized all the ingredients going into the blender one by one. He kept a banana peel next to him, and he would sniff and pretend that he had actually ate it.

Then Dona, had a swimsuit cover to do. She unlike Dan could intake food. So she wasn’t completely hungry. Her plan would be to drink water, do sit ups for nice abs,  eat little salads, and eat celery. She had read some where that to chew celery takes more calories to burn then to actually eat. Regardless if it was true or not, she had made it her truth. As soon as her photo shoot was done she had envisioned eating the largest pizza known to man by herself. In her fantasy she imagined having slices in her left and right hand going hard eating one bite from each hand.

The motto for this weight cut  session was “Living on Love”.

They had decided there love was stronger then there desire to eat.

Dona and Dan had never cut weight with lover before.

It started with a run in the heated park, with Dan covered  in trash bags and  Dona in a cute pastel pink tracksuit.

After the run they laid on a blanket holding hands and looked up at the clouds, mostly discussing what kind of food each cloud looked like.

“It’s a hamburger, with extra pickles, onions, lettuce,  practically the works!” said Dan.

“I really hope they didn’t put special sauce, I hate special sauce” said Dona.

“Look over there that looks like a steak” said Dona.

“Marinate that sucker and, leave it on the grill till it’s medium rare and that would be delicious. And look over there that looks like mashed potatoes” He smiled.

Holding hands they walked out of the park looking like the trash can and the princess.

Dan took a very long warm bath, at this moment he was parched and  contemplated drinking the bath water but he knew better. He could hear outside the bathroom Dona chumping on her celery and he was bitter.

Later she nestled him in fabric.  Dan was in his cocoon of  heating towels, and kissed him on the lips. “You can do this babe” she said. He smiled. She walked over to the kitchen and began to drink a glass of water. Dan’s routine wouldn’t allow him to drink water.  He starred at her jealously, he imagined what it would be to feel the water in his mouth. He called her over faintly.

“I want to kiss you.” He muttered

She leaned in and he’s tongue  inside of her mouth hunted for water, this wasn’t a kiss this was desperation. Dona was nice about she knew he was trying to cheat but she pretended to enjoy and repeated internally  “It’s so romantic” … Until he bit her.

“Ouch” she said.


“What the heck, Dan?!?!”


She sat at the edge of the bed, distant. Living on love was isn’t all it was cracked up to be. Dan thought of what to say  to make this right but could only think of Tacos.

Since he was wrapped so tight he couldn’t really see Dona, he just looked up at the ceiling, which was white clumps and reminded him of cottage cheese. It was useless. But he flashed back to the last time he ate it, he remembered hating and Dona trying to connivence  him to eat it. He thought about how he wished he would have ate it.

She looked at him.

He slowly tried to wiggle his way to her.  But rolled off the bed.

“Ouch” Dan said.

She leaped over to him.

She looked at him and started laughing and he started laughing too.

“You kind of look like a burrito”  she chuckled.

“I’m sorry, You know I’m not like this all the time only when i’m hungry.” he earnestly said.

And she gave him the worlds quickest peak on the check. He looked at her like why so quick.

She explained ” Just incase you try to bite me again, I really think I should stay away from your mouth hun.”

Love is a great thing but people still need food and water to survive.

And they agreed to never ever cut weight together again.




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