Do Me A Favor and Hit me, A Poem (12/365)

Title: Do Me A Favor and Hit me

Please do me a favor

Hit me hard she moaned

And I hit with a light dap

I groaned

I don’t like violence

I signed up for Karate

for the outfit

and a fun way to loose 200 calories

She moaned

if you don’t hit me hard

you don’t do me any favors

I groaned

I’m 30 more pounds more then you

And I have seen what my fist can do

I use to use  them in grade school

And I left my opponents with black eyes

But my heart would hurt

so  after the  fight  I would cry

because I’m all about love and peace and unicorns

So I rather not punch you hard if that’s okay

She moaned

How will I function under pressure

I’m here to win medals

and If you don’t hit me

when enemies come I won’t be prepared


That was grade school

Grow up, I can handle what ever you got

and I’m sure it’s not a heck of a lot

I groaned

Fine, Alright

I closed my eyes real tight

and pulled my fist back,

And Bam,

like that,

She went back,

She moaned

and groaned

til the paramedics took her

image-4 image-5 image-6 image-8


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