A Biography of Bradley Steel, My 15 inch Macbook, A Poem (8/365)

Title:  A Biography of  Bradley Steel, My 15 inch Macbook, A Poem

My Computer is an insomniac,

No Sleep,

No Naps

No Coffee,

Just Electricity,

Just Electricity,

Just Electricity,

He stays up roamin’,

News Feeds, RSS  Feeds,

My Computer is an insomniac,

But He’s never been sick,

Never caught a Virus,

Never hacked,

He goes out routinely for check ups,

The Genius at the hospital says he fine,

With the exception of a scratches,

He had two battery surgical  procedures,

He one time broke a bone in his Logic Board but it’s fine now,

As far as socially,

My computer goes from one relationship to another relationship,

But he has yet to the find the one,

the one who is able to keep up with him,

 The last wifi he dated was Named Netgear 423,

Mentally unstable,

No Connection long enough to hold a connection,

Before that it was COUNTYGUESTLA,

Who was jealous wifi,

and often picking and choose the sites best appropriate,

for a computer like him,

And she was always taking her time to get ready,

Then his 4 year stint with a college Wifi,

Off and on,

But she was a clinging little internet provider,

asking him to prove his love over and over,

By saying their secret password,

two times a day, and sometimes more

And when he refused to say it one more time,

She booted him out the door until he did,

He had various flings with coffee shop wifi,

But nothing that serious

Last year he planned to loose 150 GB of storage,

He did by workout on an external hard drive everyday

but then he gained it back,

This time with movies, music, and photos,

My Computer is an insomniac,

He daydreams inbetween 0’s and 1’s,

Longing to make something meaningful,

He scared to be  shut down,

But it might be just what he needs,

Because after all the updates, and installs,

He starting to slow,

He can’t stay awake for ever,

He can’t keep refreshing at this pace,

He needs a nap,

He’s shutting down windows,

He’s not catching spelling typos,

Today I caught him as his eyes glared over,

He misplaced the cursor,

He can no longer control his audio movements

I tried to lower his sound levels

but lately he has not been listening

My Computer is an insomniac,

Today we are having an intervention,

“Do you really want me to shut down?”


It’s just for today and not forever,

So dream about tomorrow,

about all the photoshop, editing,

and info tomorrow

and all the internet cookies you can have



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