Facebooking the Dead (3/365)

First poem in 365 Day Project, but before we get to that I want to tell a side story. So today I was sick of looking at all the pennies in my house that I decided to count them and bring them to the back. I spent half a day a counted about 55 bucks in loose change I went to the bank and they told me they no longer take pennies. And I was like WHAT?!?! And they where like will take it but it will take us 3 weeks to process the pennies. And then I told my mom. We went back to the bank and she made the teller to give me my money and that was my day in a nut shell.

Title : Facebooking the Dead

She writes on your wall you know


Your Mom she writes on your wall


You’re dead but she goes on your wall


Faithfully like dropping off roses

to a tomb stone

I stumbled upon it a while ago

I was trying to sneak a peak of your page

Trying to catch a glance of your face

And I noticed she writes on your page everyday

It’s interesting how technology

Has become a way of holding on to someone

When Brittany died I looked for her on an old VHS

Playing back those last few seconds

When Christy died I watched her youtube videos over and over

I have heard that others call voice mails over and over

She writes I love you over and over

And I try to contemplate

Why, why,

Why when I look at a photo

Am I trying to stare long enough to capture

Some memory

What am I looking for

Because if your butt talked back to me on facebook

I would be scared,

but excited and happy

And maybe then I could have one last conversation

After the initial shock

And tell you that everything you ever said came true

And that when we eat a dinner we miss you,

And that we never not think about you,

And sometimes I think of inappropriate things you would say if you were here,

Like making farting noises at your own funeral

So No I don’t think she is crazy

I would write to you everyday too

Saying I love you

If I knew you could log in to facebook.

Silly, but whatever

I poked you on facebook

I wonder if you feel it in heaven.


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