Sandy and I (Storm Update): Meat and Jenga and Darkness

First of all, I am okay. Just to update you my power is down, and they say it won’t be up for another 3 to 4 days they have estimated.  Me and my roommate are fine. We have been eating are perishables first so we have been eating like little college queens.  We had an egg and sausage breakfast this morning. Don’t worry we are well stocked on canned food and water.  School has been canceled. A neighboring building had wifi and power allowing me to write this post. Some Deli’s are open and you know what new yorkers want. Food? No. Water? No. Coffee? YES!!! My roommate was holding a coffee when we were walking around, and she got stopped like 5 times.  Where did you get that coffee? What Place? On what street? Does it Have expresso?

Update you when I can!





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