Pounds, Wax, And Rock ‘N’ Roll

Euros! Expensive.      Correction, Pounds! VERY Expensive.

Things I must find when I go to London, before being a tourist:

1. An Eyebrow Waxer

2. A Grocery Store

3. An Eyebrow Waxer

People I will miss:

1. My Eyebrow Waxer

2. My Hairdresser

3. Everybody Else Ect. 

4. My Eyebrow Waxer

But Honestly I will miss everybody including my Eyebrow waxer and if you weren’t as lucky as her to get a goodbye hug, I’m giving you a virtual hug. Remember it’s not goodbye it’s just see you later because I will have to come back to get my eyebrows waxed.

Love You Lots,



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