Etiquette For Stalkers

Let’s be honest if your on Facebook or Myspace, you have done it. or your friends have done it. or a friend of a friend you know has done it. The internet can be used for stalking. Profiles, blogs and 160 characters tweets, have now taken the place of detective work. Are they single? Check Online.  What did they say ? Check Online. There’s Crazy Baby – Mama Drama? Check Online.  Now it’s okay when it’s in the comfort of your own home…..


 Your not in Kansas any more, welcome to Oz.

Let the Lesson Begin

Senario #1

What do you do when you you see someone your “friends” with in facebook but you don’t know in real life?

You should not, I repeat should not, approach them in a tight space like an elevator and yell “We are Facebook friends your so and so right” Speaking from experience.   I mean that happen to a friend of mine, and the person she approached did take to light to it. You should wait till your in an open space or when your with mutual friends, to say with a smile and a chuckle “hey aren’t we Facebook friends” . You can also play the “you look so familiar card” ( Do I know you from camp? Do you live in La? I just get this feeling like I have seen you somewhere… of facebook, that’s what it is ).

Senario #2

What do you do when you realize that of your mutual friends are dating but have not gone public, but have a lot of untag photos, suggestive comments, and tweets, and now your sitting next to them?

Don’t say anything just smile.

Senario # 3

What do you do when you look at someones profile and notice that they have a lot in common with you how much  of their profile, should you say you have looked at?

Touch and go. You have to feel that stuff out 😛


So the other day, I was out walking,

How much do you want to tell them?

and I  bumped into my friends boyfriend on the street, I am not friends with him, I have not actually meet him in real life but I have seen tons of pictures of him,  on my friends profile. She has millions of photos of him. So it was quick to ID him.  And I thought to myself, this instance I could go several ways,

a) Go directly up to him and say  “hey your Kyle, sally’s bf, I’m her friend Lexie, and I think she’s awesome”

b) Pretend to be on the phone and mention his Girlfriends name very load  to see if I can get him to react.

c) Strike up a convo over his book, and then with the slight of hand bring up the fact that your friend, Sally Blah Blah (aka his girlfriend) likes the book too. And then act in shock when he say he knows her.. “We live in a such a small world!!! OMG”

which one of these lovely things did I do?

d.) Say nothing and wait till the official introduction.

There are reasons why, I prefer to stay offline. And I take breaks from Facebook because their certain things I don’t want to talk about or know before I actually talk to someone about.

Don’t worry I don’t care to much to be a stalker, I’d rather get to know you the good old fashioned way, with a hello.



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