Notting Like it


19 Days til London! In spite of what’s happening over there,  I still am really stoked to see all that’s there . I have never been there. On top of that I have never even been outside the country.

And when I think London, all my mind can really reference it is all the Romantic Comedies, I have seen.  Great films such as Notting Hill, Love Actually, and Bridget Jones’s Dairy.  🙂

I have been warned not to believe that it’s Notting Hill 24/7.   Of course I know it fiction. Of corse I know that there will be no airport chases on this ride, no weather like that in the movies. And of course I know that, I will not be waiting for Hugh Grant, lurking in corners, as fun as that might sound. It actually doesn’t sound fun at all,  sounds like a sure way to jail.

It will be notting like that. I’m ready to have my own adventures to reference. I would like it to be my own unique dairy not Bridget Jones’s. To each their own.

“I’m Just a Girl standing in front of a country asking for it to be itself”  (sorry that line  had to be done lol)



One comment on “Notting Like it

  1. So hnlich muss sich Bridget Jones als Playboy H schen auf der Kostümparty, die keine war, gefühlt haben.

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