Ridin’ / 40 Days and 40 Nights

It’s just like riding a bike…. Like Riding a Bike.  That what people say when they are encouraging people to begin again, start again, continue again. Well ride again… I guess

Riding a bike, to me is something that I can forget. I have forgotten. I have been taught to ride a bike 3 times in my life (or maybe more times and I just forgot). First time on the beach was mellow, wind in my hair.  2nd time at my house,  stuggling against gravity. 3rd time was with a best friend who took me on the street nothing like cars to jumpstart your memory on how to pedel. Though I must say I got hit by a few cars during that attempt. (Well actually they were parked and I ramed them..opps)

Needless to say I can now ride a bike. Though everytime I begin it’s still a little trial and error. But the more and the more I do something the more and more easier it’s gets, and the less likely I am to hit parked cars.

We definitly do forget things. Or think we forget, I just got a new bike, that I been riding on the daily. Though every time I get on there is always that sense of  uncertainty.



Ride a BIKE??????

But then I breathe and slowly it all comes back. Then I’m riding again, having a great time. But this often happens to me as I am about to embark on anything outside of watching the TV. It always feels like the first time. How do I direct a movie? How do I write a script? How do I act? How does this camera work? What the heck is an f-stop? But then I just breath and it all comes back. And I say I have done this before. And just like a good workout routine after months of doing it your muscles remember the moves.

There are less then 40 days to my departure to London. A little nervous, it’s my first time out of the country. And I ask myself the same questions.  How do I meet the Londoners? How will I get around? What if I get lost

And my response to these questions of uncertainty.

1) Just say hello and my name is and it’s a pleasure to meet you

2) The Tube or By Walking (Running)

3) They speak english so I can ask  for directions

but then again getting lost in foreign country sounds very exciting!!! In New York it was really interesting to find new places when lost, and I suppose London is the same. Asking for directions can be just as exciting from a brit, I love the british accent.

Never know the places you go, if you just will pedal.

Lexie 🙂


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