Ketchup and other things


So write me questions and then  depending on what it is, I will answer it. 🙂 NO SONG REQUEST I DON”T KNOW WHY I EVEN MENTIONED IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



4 comments on “Ketchup and other things

  1. Big Broham John John says:

    LMAO about missing your “eyebrow waxer” I was dying!! Thought u was gonna say Moms or Dad…Uncle… somebody!!! HAhahaha Great Job!!

  2. Araz says:

    TWIN!!! I’m glad you’re having an awesome time and must say I love your updates. I got a Provi newsletter the other day and enjoyed your class speech very much. I was laughing a lot when I read the part about hitting people in I think you said the pancreas haha. I just felt like saying “study hard, stay safe, get some rest” and I’ll hopefully hear from you next time you blog 🙂

  3. Carlease says:

    Hi Lexie,
    Your hair looks great! When your eyebrows meet in the middle of your head then you need to fly back here quick or find someone there the NYC.
    My question: Will you be coming home for Thanksgiving this year? I’ll be there eating your Mama’s good cooking!!

  4. Brooklyn Be says:

    Alexia– love the blog!

    Call Taya, she knows the best (and cheapest) face/eyebrow/etc. waxers for women of color in NYC. I think she prefers to get threaded (it’s awesome to see– dine by beautiful Indian women who have also henna-ed her belly while preggers with Myah), painless and very inexpensive. The place I’m thinking of is down on the Lower East Side (Clinton St. off of Delancey St… take the F train), not too far from the cuchifrito spot that your mom used to go to for her pasteles cravings.

    Anyway, when it comes to waxing or other girly-girl beauty stuff on a budget, Taya is a great resource. Love you and hope you have a great time in LA. Call me when you’re back so we can see you and load you up with some down home Brooklyn soul food.

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