Sorry it’s been to long: So grab a bowl of cereal and sit down


I am so sorry that it has been a while from my last confession blog. The last two weeks have gone by fast with homework, late night reading, movies, hangin with friends, and exploring the city. Over the last two weeks I have had to deal with film sets blocking my way to class (thanks ugly betty 🙂 ), seeing lots of free movies (Whip It), and experiencing this phenomena, called new york weather. I literally went into a building and it was sunny and when I came out it was raining. I have learned my lesson wear layers. Have Umbrella will travel.

I am falling in love with the people of New York. A city filled with interesting charters, some more chatting than others. And most New Yorkers will direct you if you are lost. _MG_0568

Isn’t this just the cutest old man you have ever seen?

While I was taking his photo he said “Do I look dapper?” And indeed he did I told he looked like a young “Gary Cooper.”

When being forewarned about the college workload for film school I never thought it would be that much. But I was wrong it was larger then I have expected but it’s fun and manageable.  I always want to do more for class. I can’t believe that I actually have fun homework like taking portraits, scenes, and reading about film for class. Right now my current project  is to create a narrative with 15 shots (or less) about one or two characters. I have been racking my brain all days for ideas.

_MG_0005The Camera we use to shoot stills is so nice. It’s so nice Bradley Steel (my macbook pro) cries as I import from the camera to the computer. It the best feeling in the world to do what you love.

Also my wall problem is no longer exist I now have posters of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Muhammad Ali, The Rat Pack, and Marlon Brando up on my wall and it’s fantastic.

My new addiction is cereal for lunch and dinner. It’s amazing 🙂 At some times college reminds me a lot of kindergarden. I take naps, eat snacks,and watch films with friends.

I went to Elise Island and the view from the boat as your heading away from New York is breath taking. I would have taken a shoot of it but I decided not, I think John Mayer Said it well in his song 3X5:

I’m writing you to
catch you up on places I’ve been
And you have this letter
you probably got excited, but there’s nothing else inside it
didn’t have a camera by my side this time
hoping I would see the world through both my eyes
maybe I will tell you all about it when I’m
in the mood to lose my way with words

If your are every in New York I would recommend to go, it’s worth the $12 bucks. I went for class and loved it. Plus I did not take a picture of it because I felt I would not due the place justice. By the way I took the subway for the first time by myself, it was exciting. I got a little lost, this whole uptown, or downtown lingo I have not fully grasped. But the important part is I got were I need to go and back home.

Lastly, I would like to thank every one for their messages, phone calls, letters, comments to the blog, and care packages they mean a lot to me. I get excited when I hear from you guys. I miss you lots, and can’t wait to verbally tell you of all my adventures over a bowl of cereal. Trixs aren’t just for kids there for college minds of the future.

Love ,




2 comments on “Sorry it’s been to long: So grab a bowl of cereal and sit down

  1. Mom says:

    I love it. keep up the good work. I am proud of you.

  2. Big Broham John John says:

    I’m so proud of ya…..NY must be such an amazing experience for you…ESPECIALLY while attending film school…I was 2 weeks from attending the same school you at but then I did Full Sail’s Film program….prolly doesn’t compare…So jealous!!! lol…Hope u have much fun and we can work on projects together in a year or so!! 😉 Ohhh and ur Blogg is TIGHT!!!! Love it!!

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