And I Thought Seasons Were Just For Television… I was Wrong…Hello Fall


Coming from LA I have only know one season. Now I am in NY  which is completely different world filled with many seasons. Okay so fall apparently starts officially somewhere near the 20th of September. Though I think fall is already upon us. It rained today, here, very hard and to add to it strong winds. What can I say I am a warrior battle the elements armed with only an umbrella, rainboats, and a coat. The wind got so tough at one point that my  umbrella turned upside down. wind-storm-cp-w6227574Then suddenly the wind stopped and my umbrella would go back it just stayed upside down. 😮 So I was in the rain with a defective umbrella. Until tiny a little breeze came and my friend told me to run opposite the way of the wind. So I was near grand central station running with my upside down umbrella looking  like I was about to harpoon a person. And then my umbrella goes back to normal. BUT DON’T CRY FOR ME, LOS ANGELES because I looked fabulous doing it with my black peacoat and my black and white rain boats. Side note I am officially loving rain boats there the coolest things ever stepping in puddles without getting wet. Hurray 🙂 Here’s a picture in my cute attire. hahahah.

IMG_0075 Then I got back to my building some guy told me “this is just the being, just you wait.” At the moment I felt as almost I was being some epic like journey. Though I have been told SNOW is stunning at least when it first falls. So I am excited to make snow angels and snow man. Even if rain continues falling I be good and smiling  because…… (look at youtube video)


2 comments on “And I Thought Seasons Were Just For Television… I was Wrong…Hello Fall

  1. Sarah Jedlicka says:

    Hey Lexie!
    The rain is coming down in the Bay Area as well. Its been raining on and off this whole weekend. The rain wasn’t too fun on Saturday (the 12th) when I was outside at the Berkeley against Eastern Washington football game. My job during the game was to wave this roughly 25ft flag whenever we scored a touchdown during the second quarter down on the field (check out my pics on facebook!). The guy who was in charge of the flags said earlier in the week that there wasn’t going to be any problems with the weather, that we wont be waving in the rain. But lo and behold it starts rainging just before the game starts. -__- I haven’t busted out my rain boots yet, but looking at your picture sre makes me want to put on my boots and run through some puddles! Miss you and love hearing about all you are doing out in NY!

  2. Ji says:

    Hola Lexie! I’m loving your little blog and getting to live the NY life vicariously through your experiences. Sounds like you’re having fun with even the weather. Wait til the stuff that falls from the sky freezes into pretty white puffs of ice… winter is so awesome. Well, as long as you don’t have to walk 20 blocks. Anyways, I found the elusive noodle place I mentioned to you before you left (yay!): Mooncake Foods. It’s soooooooooo awesome and v cheap! Hope you like it!

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