If These {Dorm} Walls Could Talk.. They Would Say “Decorate Me”


My dorm right now is naked with the off white walls it came with. Completely naked. No Posters. No Decorations. No Design. The battered old white walls do however posses the faint remains of the tenants that lived  before it with the ever so lightly cracks and dents in the wall.

Though history is nice, this is a new begin, a new life, a new adventure. Which makes me wonder…..WHAT THE HECK SHOULD I PUT ON MY WALLS?????????????

I hoping to be inspired. I have been looking at posters. IMG_0122By the way look at the view from my room it is AMAZING. One of the many perks of living on the 16 floor that and the amazing cardio you get going up and down the stairs hahaha. 🙂 Doesn’t the view just take your breath away.

Sorry about not blogging early but welcome week was extremely crazy. So many things to do not much down time.

I had my first class yesterday which was really good. I love all of my teachers so far…fingers crossed. hahaha

I loving NYU. The city is fabulous. The people are even more cooler. And every day seems to be more of an adventure then the next. Hopefully I will blog soon to catch you up on every thing you missed. And by then hopefully I will have finally put something up on my walls that screams… LEXIE. But till then if these walls could talk ….they would say “have fun, it’s college.”



3 comments on “If These {Dorm} Walls Could Talk.. They Would Say “Decorate Me”

  1. Jason Stuart says:

    How about a picture of us! when we went to see that Bette Midler film lol or Icould send you something cool from my poster collection?

  2. 2pmcrajee21 says:

    Lexie!!~~ it’s nick :]]. It must be so cool to be out there and exploring new stuff! Keep updated and keep smiling haha.

  3. Marela Kay says:

    awwh, Lexi I miss your smile in the hallways[=
    but your walls could use some life. hehe

    miss you bunchess!

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