It’s not goodbye… It’s just hello leftovers


Today is my last real day in LA. Wow, that went quick. It seems like just yesterday, I was just a girl waiting for a college acceptance letter and now I counting down seconds til get on the plane. I been packing, doing laundry  and tying a few loose ends before I go.
BUT for real, in true honesty, I though my last day would be more dramatic. I have obviously been spoiled by way too many cinematic ending and departures. Because in my mind, my last day in LA should be grand. I should be driving in a car with the windows rolled down sunlight hitting my face exploring ever location in california with friends in family in tow from heading  to the mall, to venice canals, to eating dinner, and  to hollywood. And of course there would be tons of smiling and laughing. And finally it would end at the beach, sitting on the sand, two huge rocks to the right of us, as we all wrapped our around each other covered in IKEA white blankets with blue strips looking as the sun set the most beautiful color orange-reddish you ever seen, almost as monet had painted himself. It be a wide shot of course. Then a close up of my face as the wind slightly moves my hair from my face I reveal a smile. Oh and by the way the Beach Boys song “God Only Knows”  would be the soundtrack when we are on the beach.


SORRY MY BAD FOR THAT 🙂 Sometimes the Director inside me just comes out. Sometimes Bradley and I  just like to imagine. A montage would be nice hahaahaha. But it would probably take ten days to really do that in real life. Plus I am not really a big fan of sand. And I like being home for my last day. My last images of this place before I go. 

To my Friends and Family,

I love you, and can’t wait to see you again. It’s not goodbye, It’s see you later It’s just hello leftovers that you’ll have to nuke when I am gone. We will go get some fresh hellos when I am back. I left enough love in the fridge for years now. Emergency numbers next to the phone just in case. Don’t start any trouble when I am gone. To you I dedicate this song because who knows what I would have been without you (don’t worry you don’t have to listen to the whole thing):


One comment on “It’s not goodbye… It’s just hello leftovers

  1. Titi Delia says:

    rain rain go away come again some other day. looks like your having a blast. Study hard BUT have fun.

    love, Titi Deliaxxxoo

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