The snow queen, poem (306/365)

I’m not heartless
It just hurts my heart
How we build walls
And you stare at me
Like I’m dead
Or infested with contagious disease
And if I sneeze
It could be the end
But that’s false
I just need a hug
And a little love
Telling me that I’m not crazy
And if you were in my position
You make the same decision
But I know it’s scary
To show empathy
In a world that spinning constantly
Allies and foes
Are on a thin line
And the people that you hated
Tomorrow be your life line
And I don’t want to loose you
Even if I have to
My hearts going to bleed
Just a little bit
Tomorrow I will quit complaining
And feeling so sorry
It’s just feels like
I’m struggling right now and
Loosing all my glory
And it’s gory
I’m not use to falling
This high
With all this blood
But there’s nothing
To clean with
I thought I had you
But if you bail
I guess it’s on to plan b
I use to work retail
So I’m use to going on
To the next biggest thing
And tossing the old
And feeling no sympathy
But that’s not what’s really
Inside me
I’m really nostalgic
And I keep scars and stories
And pull it all out
When I keep company
With demons
Who tell me
Where I fail
And I know there something
Bigger it just
Trying to find out

Memory loss, poem (305/365)

I can’t endorse
Selective amnesia patients
Who fall in and out
Of knowing me
In the company of others
I wish I could easily forget
How much it hurts
As you stumble for my name
Or ignore me all together
And continue to embrace
when you forget
Who I am or what promises
Were made
I can’t keep accepting
This type of behavior
It’s just not fair
And since I can’t easily forget
I guess I will
manually have to delete
Your number from
My phone
Some things are not easily forgotten
Much like your sucky attitude

The Chef, an under cooked poem (303/365)

He’s taste buds
He’s instincts
He’s confidence
He struggled
To bake
Often simmering
And soaking in
Unable to deliever
He often burned
Food and thoughts
And he knew better
He thought he
Should go back to Paris
And work as sous chef
Never believing in self
If only he tasted
His scones
Those were
Reflections of skill
An undeniable proof
Of culinary genius
He had the it
He just need to loose
Is that salty flavor

Beggar Complaints , Poem (301/365)

Please don’t stay
if all you want
to do is leave
waiting for you is
harder then it seems
Energy spent on keeping you
could be used for
so many other things
You’re so wasteful
Throwing away
good vibes
makes me want cry
All you do
is bicker
You’re so wasteful
having me make promises
that you yourself will
never keep
Please don’t linger
Just leave
And let someone else
enjoy the feast
because you’re so wasteful
and never delighted in me

Spotted, Poem (299/365)


I spotted you
Shocking so many years
You still look the same
Why is it that there
Are so many people
I just can’t shake
And I hate
That I stared
And I lingered
I hated that
I don’t feel angry
But just intregiued
That you
So how crossed my mind
And out of all
The things my mind
Has saved over the years
You still find space
And wonder
What else is there