Sheets, poem (278/365)

Dear bed sheets,
You hypnotize me
Calming me
And putting me to asleep
You cling to me
I cling to you
Defend me from
Morning comes
And I try to escape you
Trying to tune out
Your 5 more minutes
Nonsense as you
Are never satisfied
But it’s me not you
I just have aspirations
Higher then this spreed
A friend

Flaws, poem (277/365)

I know it looks
Like all I do is point
At all your flaws
And imperfections
But I do because
I love you
And it’s just not
Coming out like so
It’s just sometimes
That’s just my way
To protect you
But I know it’s
A failed attempt
As you only see
The negativity
I invent
And I’m sorry
Because I never
Meant to do that
It was only
Another attempt
To show my love
And make sure
You always look
Your best
But you are
And I love you
Even if I don’t say it

Crackle, poem (272/365)

Crackle how much longer
Must I lay here
Tilted shifted
Sounding. Like
Ocean crackle
Like fireworks
I wish you
Got me
Struggling for words
How do we not
be them
Are we strong
Enough after pain retreats
When we no longer
Have bruises
Will our souls
Be intertwined
Or is pain our friendship
I hope when
I arise
You’ll be there
Clear as remembered
Stopping crackled
And tilted
star gazing

Portals without Language, poem (270/365)

I love you
And if you never
Hear me say it
I meant to
I meant to
Drown you hugs
And kisses
And tell you
That even though
You say we can cope alone
I feel it
It being this
Missing link
And I miss you
I struggle to put
Us together
I struggle with
The vowels and
The constants
I struggle with
The language myself
And if I didn’t say it
I meant to
I meant to say
I love you too