Spilling Emotions, poem (334/365)


I carefully emote
Because I don’t want to
Take you with me
On an emotional
Roller coaster for two
I look at you
You are perfect
And I don’t want to spew
On you
But I often wonder
If you feel the same
Way I do
Angry about
All the things
We can not change
And when we finish
Unloading proverbial woos
Of the world around us
Will you listen
When I say
We should replenish
Are hearts and arts
And passion and lungs
So they may breath
Without pain
Will we spill a grievances
Till our bellies run empty
So creativity and life
Can live there
What I’m saying is
If I share my pain
Can we live in
Laughter after
Because I don’t
Want to emote on you
Without a sense of hope

My words work, poem(333/365)

For so long I
Have been talking
And she hasn’t heard me
I wonder if my lips
Were too weak
To push air
Or if my throat
Failed to create waves
Or if my brain did
Not send the signal
For my body to be vocal
For she stares at me
But today
While taking
A stranger interjected
For so long I
Have been talking
And she hasn’t heard me
He heard me
And now it’s easier
For me to see
That her ears were
To weak to deliverer
Her ear drums beat
To faint to hear
And her brain
Just didn’t want to make it clear
My words work

Unguarded impressions, poem (332/365)

You caught me off gaurd
As I attempt to introduce
The best part of my soul
But you came to early
Leaving me open
Unable to hide
I tried to cover it
But I’m sure you
Saw the scars
And all the stuff that
Keeps me up at night
And I pretended
That you didn’t
Sweeping everything inside
And playing pretend
But I’m glad you saw me
So as nights pass
I won’t wonder
What if you met
The real me
Sometimes first impressions
Are not meant to be feared
There meant to fail
Because we can only go up
From here

This time, poem (331/365)


This time will stick
It will work
Because I’m more
Determined then before
My fingers won’t budge
No matter how much
They are pressed
I will stay
Holding on
This time will stick
Because I’m not going back
I’m no longer making excuses
For giving up
I have struggle too much
Not to at least see
What happens
When I don’t release
This time will stick
Because he expressed doubts
And I have always
Been one to
Fight him on everything
When he says impossible
I say how high

Descriptions of people I don’t know, poem (328/365)

She’s got baby fangs
Like ice cream cones
Her blue green eyes
Remind me of a world globes
Her chin curves in
Such a way to greet her nose
She got veins in her head
And that looks in such away
She shouldn’t worry about
Getting old

He’s got teeth
Like a bat cave
His legs extend to moon
He’s eyes are sharp
And can cut you
His hair is high tide
Coming in
His laugh is
A buttery hiccup
Accidentally sweet

His pupils are tiny pixels
Making his eyes
Appear to be fake
Almost factory made
His smile is crescent moon
Five o’clock shadows
Occupy his face
With a mole so eloquently placed
On his left chin
The size of a black licorice
Jelly bean
His voice is trumpets
And his stance
Is confidence in forms